Monday, May 17, 2010

Small Victories

Sundays in my opinion are the most underrated day of the week. I feel that usually nothing particularly eventful occurs on them because they are usually days committed to catching up and doing errands. However I love them, I love them dearly. I find them comforting. They are days filled with small victories, a term I stole from my friend, Ellie White. A good sunday includes going to brunch with friends, sunday markets, laying around in parks and/or coffee shops.

Yesterday I had a lovely sunday. I slept in, had breakfast, and went thrifting with my friend, Anne Marie. I was trying on clothes in the dressing room when Anne Marie approached me and whispered "I think that girl is from Vivian Girls. Let's go say hi!" A man then crept around and jumped in on our conversation, affirming that it was Cassie Ramone from Vivian Girls and told us we should go and talk to her. We went up to her and introduced ourselves and we asked what she was doing in Seattle. She was performing with her side project The Babies and the man that jumped in on our conversation was her bandmate Kevin who is also in the band Woods.
Myself, Anne Marie, and Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls.

After our retail therapy, Anne Marie and I went to Bartells and developed some disposible cameras I've been using for the past month. As we waited for the photos to be developed we loitered the magazine rack and read fashion magazines which is a wonderful sunday activity all on its own. After developing photos, that turned out pretty awesome, we watched the films Kids ( A Chloe Seveigny fllm) and Easy Rider. Both of the films were fantastic. I consider that a successful sunday. Small Victories.

Some photos from the disposable cameras:

My friends Emma, Anne Marie, and Michael

Anne Marie


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